Numbers-based coaching designed to get you more profits, higher margins, and more time with your family while spending less time on the job.


Where does the money go every month? There is plenty of work, you're even booked out a few weeks. You spend long hours on the job and make sure everything is getting done. 


Still, you scramble to find the money for bills and payroll, often taking it out of your own pocket.


What would increasing your margins 30-40% in the next 30 days do for your business? 

Take control with our simple proven system and with me as your mentor you’ll get clear insight into your current numbers and together we’ll develop a roadmap to a highly profitable self-sufficient business that operates smoothly with or without you.

Here is what you get:

  • Understand what your numbers say about your business,

  • Learn how to create consistent financial results,

  • Discover your ideal client and learn how to market to them directly,

  • Start charging the premium your services are worth.

Your business can be a thriving well-oiled machine that doesn’t require long grueling hours just to keep it afloat. 

This is how we measure success:

Improved cash flow - Properly managed books so money is available when needed.

Increased profits - Use easy to implement pricing models that increase margins 30-40%.

More time - Freedom to spend more time with family and do the things you want. 

Charge a premium - Identify ideal clients who are willing to pay top dollar for your services. 

Here’s what working together looks like:


Consultation - A short deep dive into your current situation, goals, and identify your long-term goals.


Proposal - We will present a plan with measurable milestones to help you achieve the goals you have set.


Implementation - We work together to implement your plan and track progress to ensure goals are met. 


Our customer’s success stories:

Jenn's plumbing business is now booked up with high end renovations for the next two months, and these jobs are priced based on VALUE, instead of hourly rate and materials.


When Jenn first came to me, the challenge her business was facing was the same as many other trade businesses.. not getting paid what they should for their expertise and experience, and being beaten down on price by customers who don't value what they do.

But Jen no longer has this issue anymore... She works with customers who are happy to pay a premium for their work and now has a steady 30-40% margins on her jobs.


She is also building a good cash reserve in the business bank account for emergencies.

Watch this video to find out what issues Jen was struggling with before she worked with us and the process we used to help her make change.

Jenn's Story On The Trades Accelerator Program

My Story.

Hi! I'm Emma, and I'm a financial business coach.


I started The Trades Accelerator after working as a bookkeeper for many years and specialising in the trades & construction industry.


I was seeing the same issues time and time again, and being able to take much of what I do online, now enables me to help far more trades business owners. 


I spent 10 years working in advertising before retraining as a bookkeeper, relocating to New Zealand and starting my own trades business  with my partner.


We have definitely experienced the ups and downs like many other business owners. It takes real courage to start a business and stick it out during  the tough times - this is why what I do is so inspiring and rewarding. 


Amazing case study reveals little-known secrets that will have you maximising profit and working less for it.

Clement and elouan resized .jpg

Inside you’ll find:

  • Why you have cash issues and how to fix them

  • The secret method business owners use to run thriving businesses 

  • A simple tweak to go from the red to the black with your finances


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