Identifying Your Ideal Client For Permanent Profitability In Your Trades Business

Want to know how to charge more in your trades business? and attract clients willing to pay that premium?

The first step: Identifying your ideal customer.

Many tradies will be saying yes to every job and client - which is understandable, we naturally want to help people, right. But we end up doing ourselves and our business a disservice - by letting customers beat us down on price, all because they aren't willing to pay the deserved price.

Of course you will get some awesome customers who are willing to pay a premium - so how do we separate the good from the bad, and attract more good clients?

By ensuring we attract those awesome clients in our trades business who value expertise and experience, instead of being obsessed with hours and how long stuff will take - we raise our profit margins.

We may end up working with less customers (meaning less time working in your business), and higher margins (more money for us) - so it’s win win!

It involves reaching the ‘The New Model’ of working where we ensure what we do - results in what we want out of our business (instead of allowing our business to control us).

In this webinar replay I explain why we need to identify our ideal clients and how this results in increased profits, plus the 7 steps required to get to ‘The New Model’ of working and identify our ideal clients.


What you will learn:

1. Why trade business owners attract customers who beat them down on price,

2. How identifying your ideal customer means = charging more and holding onto more profit each month,

3. The 7 steps to identify your ideal customer.

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